Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Academy Classes

Madison College offers many Cisco Networking Academy classes, such as:

Cisco Academy Instructor Training Center

Madison College’s Instructor Training Center (ITC) offers classes for instructors of other Cisco Academies. Our offerings are mostly in the summer, with the exception of fast-track training (must have relevant industry certification already).

To register for current instructor classes at Madison College (and other colleges) check out CSSIA’s faculty training website:

To find out more details, send an email to:

Cisco Academy Support Center

Madison College’s Academy Support Center (ASC) provides free support to Wisconsin-based public non-profit institutions, such as: public K-12 schools, Technical Colleges, and Universities. If your academy has Madison College as your ASC, email for support questions, or to inquire about Madison College as your ASC. Please note that due to our no-cost support model, we have no budget and will not support, under any circumstances, Academies that are outside of Wisconsin.