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Advising Services

For inquiries about our IT Programs and classes at Madison College, please connect with Advising Services. You can schedule an advising appointment in one of the following ways:

IT Academic Advisor

Once you have been accepted into an IT program, you will be assigned a full-time IT academic advisor about 8 weeks into your first semester.

Course Resources

Free Software for Students

As an IT student, you can get several software products for free. The following options provide free software to students:

Job Placement

Career and Employment Services

Career and Employment Services offers assitance in everything from selecting a career that’s right for you to helping you find employment during and after you’ve completed a Madison College program.


Handshake is your electronic link to job listings from employers who are seeking the skills and knowledge obtained from students and graduates of the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Student Organizations

Wolfpack Techies

Wolfpack Techies Website

Wolfpack Techies is Madison College's computer repair service for personal laptops and PCs. The Service is free to all students, faculty and staff. Wolfpack Techies is comprised of students in IT degrees that are looking for more exposure and experience with computer repair. Wolfpack Techies specializes in malware eradication, computer backups, and hardware replacement.

IT Guides

IT Guides Summary

The main focus of the IT Guides is to assist students with course related course questions. IT Guides are not tutors and are not there to walk you through the purpose of an assignment – those questions should be asked of your instructor. IT Guides are there to assist you through the debugging process that you have been attempting on your own and are ultimately stuck at a specific problem. You should be able to explain what your end goal is, what steps you have taken to try and reach that end goal, and which specific issue you have encountered that you have not been able to resolve on your own. The IT Guide can then provide you with another person's perspective and ask you relevant questions in helping guide you to a solution. The guides are thoughtful and friendly students chosen for their ability and desire to help other students succeed. This desire to help students cannot and should not result in them just giving you an overall answer, but to help point you down a productive debugging path en route to resolve a specific roadblock that you have encountered.

How to Join the IT Guides Teams Site

Students can gain access to the site by clicking on Join IT Guides and signing in with their Madison College account. The IT Guides are available during the scheduled times under the "Schedule" tab.